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W100i WiFi Security System with IP6 WiFi IP Monitoring Camera

Detailed Product Specs

W100i is a Wi-Fi / PSTN dual network alarm system.  When the unit is “armed” and an intrusion occurs, the alarm will sound and simultaneously push (text) a message to your smartphone and call the stored emergency phone numbers by landline.

What’s in the box?  1 Base unit, 1 IP6 WiFi IP Camera, 1 PIR Motion detector, 1 Door/Window sensor, 2 Remote controls, 3 Warning window decals, 1 AC Adapter, 1 screw kit and double sided tape.

Specifications (base unit):

  • Power supply: DC 12V 500mA
  • Battery backup included: Rechargeable Li-ion (3.7v 1200mAh).
  • Battery standby time: up to 12hrs
  • Internal Siren: 110dB
  • Supported Accessories: 10 remotes, 30 sensors & IP6 Cameras
  • Radio Frequency: 915MHz

Operating Conditions: Temperature  14 F to 131 F.  Humidity  <80% (non-condensing)

IP6 Camera features superior low light vision, 32gb available 24/7 recordering, 780P resolution, wide angle and easy setup

Wi-Fi Frequency (priority): IEEE 802.11b/g/n 

PSTN line (backup): use an analog telephone line as a back-up should your Wi-Fi network not be available to call up to 6 assigned phone numbers determined by the user.

VIOP: Not compatible with other digital phone service (VoIP; Voice over IP) such as Magic Jack, Comcast, Fios, and etc.  Without an analog to digital converter.

Adding accessories: Up to 10 remote controls + any combination of 30 sensors (PIR’s, Window/Door sensors) can be added to the system. An unlimited number of IP HD cameras can be added (depending on your internet bandwidth).  Smanos brand only.

Phone numbers: add up to 6 phone numbers to your notification network.

Siren duration: the alarm length can be customized to sound for a duration of 1 to 9 minutes.  Defaulted setting is 1 minute.

Siren Volume:  within the app, the volume can be adjusted to Mute, Low and High setting. 

Low battery alert (on accessories):  LED flashes every 3 seconds on the accessories, the base unit keypad will also be temporarily disabled, indicating the batteries are low on the accessories.

Monitoring:  Self-monitoring through push (text) notification or phone call (landline) when system breach.  Saving you hundreds of dollars per year in monthly monitoring fees.

Plug and Play:  sensors within the W100 kit are pre-paired and ready to use.  Adding additional accessories (sensors, cameras, detectors) to the system can be easily paired to the base unit.

Applications: Apple & Goggle Play (phones only)

Remote control features:  4 features including: – Arm, Disarm, Stay and SOS.

Entry / Exit delay time:  The user can determine and set the delay from 0-299 seconds via the