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Q: What is a smanos security system?
A: Smanos security systems provide more security and control in and around the house in a reliable and easy way. A smanos system can be operated worldwide via Wi-Fi / SMS / GSM. Many different accessories can easily be added.
Q: Are there any monthly fees or am I tied to a contract?
A: Smanos systems are easy, reliable and without any ongoing cost. There are no contracts or hidden fees.
Q: Do I have to install wires everywhere throughout my house?
A: No. The entire system works wirelessly. The accessories work on (included) batteries. Only the control panel needs power and therefore needs the AC adapter with cable.
Q: What does it cost to install the system and how long will it take?
A:  Smanos systems are Plug and Play right out of the box. This means that the panel and the accessories are already paired and they only need to be positioned and powered on. No installer is needed, there is no additional cost and you can do this using the supplied manual within minutes.
Q: What is the difference between smanos smart home systems and other systems?
A: Smanos systems have no monthly fees and can be installed in minutes without the need of a professional installer. The design also merges with your living space and therefore does not need to be hidden in a closet or other area. There are many different easy-to-add accessories for detection or intrusion.
Q: Is it possible to extend my smanos kit?
A: All smanos panels have the ability to easily link a variety of accessories. A kit comes with included accessories. A panel or hub can connect up to 30 accessories and an unlimited amount of cameras.
Q: How do smanos systems work with accessories?
A: All accessories are connected to the hub system by using the special frequency of 868Mhz which provides over one million different combinations of codes allowing for a secure connection to be established between accessories and the panel. If a connection is made, when a sensor is triggered, the signal will be sent via the secure connection to the panel.
Q: What happens in case of alarm?
A:  Depending on which smanos system you have, there are several ways in which you will be informed in case of an alarm. In all cases, the internal siren will sound on the panel and any optional external sirens will sound too. You will then receive a notification via a push message, SMS and /or phone call and you can respond immediately through the app, SMS or the keypad of the phone.
Q: What is the maximum range of a smanos system?
A: The average range of a smanos system is in open field about 100 meters or more. Maximum range indoors depends on the thickness of the walls, the material and possible interference from other signals.
Q: What happens during a power failure?
A: When a power failure occurs, the built-in rechargeable battery will take over the operation of the panel. A message is sent to the administrator that the power failed. Depending on the system, the average standby time of a panel is 8 hours.
Q: Sensors seem not to be triggered?
A: There are different settings for the sensors. If a sensor is set in the home mode and home mode is enabled on the system, then the system will not sound the alarm when these sensors are triggered.
Q: What internet connection do I need for my smanos Wifi system?
A: The W100 and W100i systems work on 2.4 GHz router system.
The speed of the Internet can have effect on the performance of the system. It is recommended to use a fast and well-functioning Internet connection for optimum performance.
Q: What can I do with a smanos app?
A: With smanos apps you can control your alarm system from anywhere in the world. The apps are available in both App Store and Google Play. smanos Wifi systems need the app to operate the system. smanos GSM systems use the app in order to make it easier and sent less SMS messages.
Q: Do I pay for a smanos app?
A: All available smanos apps are free to download (App Store or Google Play).

W100 and W100i FAQ

Q: I want to use the PSTN/land line cable but I still want to fully use
my phone?
A: You can use both. The W100 features on the rear of the panel over a telephone line input and output. This makes it possible to plug the existing line in the right input and then connect the left output to the phone.
Q: I want to use the silent mode but it does not work?
A: Silent mode ensures that no confirmation tone for delay is used by the system. This function can be used by first clicking on the home button on the remote control and then the arm or disarm button. Generally, when pressing the home button and the LED indicator is off, the arm or disarm button can be pressed to ensure it always works correctly.
Q: I do not have a (PSTN) phone land line cable, am I still able to us e the W100 alarm system?
A: Yes. The PSTN line cable serves as backup for the alarm notification functionality. In case of an alarm the system will send a push message directly to your mobile device. The stored alarm phone numbers will be dialed directly. If the PSTN line cable is not connected the system will not call but it will still send the push/text message directly to your connected mobile devices.
Q: What happens when the alarm sounds?
A: The built-in siren of the W100 will sound immediately. Simult
aneously, push messages will be sent to connected users with the app. If a PSTN line cable is connected the stored alarm phone numbers will be called in the stored sequence.
Q:  How can I restore the W100 system to factory settings?
A:  Enter the admin code + "#" to enter the settings menu. Then enter '* 0 ##'
to remove the settings and paired accessories.
Q: Will I still be receiving push messages when I am abroad?
A:  Push messages can only be sent over the Internet. It requires an Internet connection to receive these messages. When abroad, this is possible via WiFi but also via a mobile internet connection when roaming is enabled. View the roaming settings in your smartphone.
Q:  How can I assign names to the zones (sensors)?
A:  The names of each zone and sensor can be modified in the list of all devices on the mobile app which displays all coupled/paired sensors.
Q:  How do I add new accessories after installation?
A:  There are two different connection settings, one for sensors and one for remote controls. To register a new remote control, enter the admin code + '#'. Then enter "# 0 * '.
Click on a button on the remote to connect. The panel will beep once to indicate it paired succesfully.
For coupling of motion or door window sensors you also use admin code
+ '#' are introduced to enter the settings menu. Then enter "# * * 'in. The panel is in connection mode for a sensor. This may be triggered so that the signal is captured by the panel.
The panel will beep once to indicate that the coupling has succeeded. Detailed instructions are included with your system manual.
Q: The phone number is stored but when the alarm goes off, I do not receive a call ?
A:  Check if the phone line cable is properly connected to the panel and the phone is working properly.
Q:  Is it possible to place the W100 panel anywhere in my house?
A:  The panel can be placed anywhere where a stable network connection is applicable.
Q:  Why don't I receive a push notification, even when the 3G network is enabled?
A:  This problem can be caused by several factors. Is the W100 panel properly connected to the network? Does the network have a
working internet connection? Check if your smartphone has a working internet connection?
Q:  What is the expected lifetime of the supplied batteries in the detector and do or/window contact?
A:  The lifetime of the batteries depends on the use. On average these will last one year. If the sensors are located in a place where the sensor often is triggered then this
will affect battery life and will be less then the average battery lifetime.
Q:  What happens during a power failure?
A:  When a power failure occurs, the built-in rechargeable battery will take over the operation of the panel. The Wifi connection will be turned off but the PSTN line cable
connection will remain operable. The W100 system can stand by on an average of about 8 hours.

IP6 Camera FAQ:

Q:  When setting up with the smart sound link my smartphone does not beep?
A:  Make sure your smartphone is not on mute when playing the sound, either by sound profile or by volume.
The sound can be played multiple times until the camera emits a response sound.
Q: The app indicates 'adding camera successful' but I do not see it in the camera  list?
A:  After adding the camera via the app, the camera will connect to the network.
This is shown by the blue LED on the camera itself. If the LED on the camera flashes, the camera is connecting to the network.
Once the blue LED is on, there is a connection and should be showing in the IP6 app (after refreshing the list).
Q:  The camera is offline and can not connect to the network?
A:  Make sure the internet works on the network the camera is connected to.
If the name or password for the wireless network is changed, this should also be changed in the camera. To change this, press and hold the reset button 5 seconds until the camera sounds a beep. Connect the camera again through the normal steps in the app as described in the user manual.
Q:   The QR code on the camera is unreadable, how can I install the camer a anyway?
A:  Follow steps 1 and 3 of the smart sound link setup in order to connect the camera to your network.
Then click [add new camera] and then [find local camera]. An ID number will be displayed. Select this number and the camera will be added to the account.
Q:  The camera is reset but I am unable to link a new account?
A:  It is not possible to link more than one account with a camera.
The connection can be removed by logging into the app and remove the camera out of the list in the associated account. Then a new account can be connected with the camera.

Additional General Questions

Q:  Is the system compatible with all Wi-Fi routers?
A:  The W100 does not support Wi-Fi on 5GHz. If using a dual-band (2.4G
Hz and 5GHz) router, switch to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
Q:  Can I use the system outdoors?
A:  The W100 system is approved for indoor use only.
Q:  Is the W100 backup battery replaceable?
A:  The rechargeable Li-ion backup battery is built into the system and
not replaceable. Through normal usage, the battery life expectancy is 5-7 years.
Q:  I live in an apartment, would this be ideal for me?
A:  Yes, this is perfect for those who live in an apartment, condominium, to
home, dorm room or work at a small office. Since it’s completely portable you can simply take it with you to your next destination.
Q:  What is the Entry / Exit delay time?
A:  The user can determine and set the delay from 0-299 seconds via the phone