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Accessories to Enhance Your System

DS2300 Door/Window Sensors

Our DS2300 Door/Window Sensors come packaged with easy to use instructions. The contact sensor contains a transmitter and a magnet, which can be mounted on a door, window or any object that can be opened or closed. When the transmitter and magnet are separated (pulled away from each other), the contact will send a signal to the control hub to trigger the alarm and send notifications to your smart device. 

MD2300 Motion Detector

The MD2300 Motion Detector is an infrared device that measures infrared light reflected from within its field of view.  The MD2300 can be installed in multiple positions including swivel side to side and up down and includes a detection range of 110 degrees and 26 feet. Sensors are typically mounted in the upper corner of rooms (6.5 feet/2 meters or more above the ground) with the included screws or double sided tape.  When sensor detects movement it sends alert to hub and alarms to your mobile smart device.

RE2300 Remote Key Fob Remote Control

RE2300 Remote Key Fob Remote Control - The remote control is easy to use and completely portable.  Store it on your key ring, necklace, purse or in your pocket.  Simply disarm or arm the system with a click of a button.  In the case of an emergency, use the SOS button to immediately sound the alarm and send text notifications to those within your phone network.  Ideal for those without access to a smartphone (young children or the elderly). RE2300 includes 2 remotes per package.